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Water Pretreatment System

1-100t/h Water Treatment Production Line
Our water pretreatment system is a 3 stage unit that will remove all unwanted impurities from water, making it suitable for further processing and consumption.

Quartz Sand Filter: A sealed container with a built-in sand filter. The untreated liquid is only allowed to pass through the filter stick to achieve clarification, removing large particles. It is applicable in the petroleum industry, pharmacy industry, beverage industry, etc., it is ideal equipment to perform the first step in water purification.
Water Purifier: Suitable for the purification of drinking water and it is able to remove the tiny particulants, peculiar smells, metallic materials (mercury, lead, zinc, iron, manganese, chrome, etc.) and high polymer compounds (hydride, sulfide, residual chlorine, etc.). This water purifying equipment is vital for the production of drinking water, food, other beverages, pharmaceutical and chemicals.

Sodium Ion Exchanger: Applied to reduce water hardness. The raw water is softened through the exchanger; the magnesium, calcium and positive ions are exchanged with the sodium ion in the water exchanging agent. Then the raw water will be softened and left with traces of calcium, magnesium and salt which can be used as boiler feed water and industrial water. As the sodium ion has solubility in the water, it will not form a hard scale and can be easily removed. The water in the sodium ion exchanger shall be clarified and filtered and there will be no suspended matter. After softening through the exchanger, the water has a residual hardness no more than 0.03mg/l.

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