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    1. 1-100t/h Water Treatment System
    2. 1-100t/h Water Treatment System
      Quartz Sand Filter: A sealed container with a built-in sand filter. The untreated liquid is only allowed to pass through the filter stick to achieve clarification, removing large particles. It is applicable in the petroleum industry, pharmacy industry, beverage industry, etc., it is ideal equipment to perform the first step in water purification.
    1. Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter
    2. Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter
      The hollow fiber membrane filter is an asymmetrical, semi-permeable film made from a polymer material. The raw liquid flows through the film under pressure, filtering particles suspended in the liquid. The filtered water is then circulated away, leaving concentrated raw liquid behind, which can be disposed of. The hollow fiber membrane filter effectively performs separation, concentration and water purification.
    1. Reverse Osmosis System
    2. Reverse Osmosis System
      Our reverse osmosis system is designed for the desalinization and purification of salt water using a semi-permeable film and a pressure differential effect. This filtration effect operates in the opposite direction of the natural osmosis function, hence the name reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis with higher osmotic pressure can be adopted to achieve the objectives of separation, extraction, purification and concentration.
    1. Ozone Generator (for Water Sterilization)
    2. Ozone Generator (for Water Sterilization)
      As a strong oxidant, the ozone with chemical formula of O3 is an ideal choice for sterilization of mineral water and purified water. Especially, O3 has special effect on handling the biologically poisonous and hard to degrade pollutants in water, thus improving biological activity.
    1. UV Sterilizer
    2. UV Sterilizer
      The sterilizer drum is constructed from stainless steel, which has a high reflection rate of the UV light and produces no contaminated byproducts. This makes the equipment suitable for sanitation application for food purposes. Inside the drum are a UV lamp and quartz glass tube. The whole drum is sealed in order to maintain a stable internal pressure. The body has an inlet and outlet, furnished with stainless steel tube joints.
    1. Storage Tank
    2. Storage Tank
      These storage tanks are equipment that adopt food grade stainless steel designs. They are corrosion resistant, impact resistant and highly temperature resistant. With their easily cleaned structures, the tanks can be used for filtered water storage and other treated materials.
    1. Ozone Mixing Tower
    2. Ozone Mixing Tower
      The ozone mixing tank is also referred to as an ozone sterilizer and is commonly used in water treatment systems. Its sterilization effect depends on not only the kind of bacteria and ozone content in the water but also the contact time between the ozone and water. Our ozone mixing tanks are made from 304 and 316L stainless steel. It employs titanium plate to distribute the ozone generated.
    1. Titanium Metal Filter
    2. Titanium Metal Filter
      The titanium metal filter from Jinrong is a hollow tube filter made through high temperature sintering of titanium powder. It is widely used for liquid solid separation in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industry applications. In the pharmaceutical industry, the titanium filter is suitable for decarburization of LVP solutions and injections.
    1. QHS Beverage Processor
    2. QHS Beverage Processor
      The machine is a static mixer (carbonizer) that features a large gas liquid mass transfer area. 
      Quick adjustment without parts changing for various materials. 
      Helps prevent wasted carbon dioxide gas. 
      Easy adjustment of gas levels. 
    1. QHS Fully Automatic Beverage Processor
    2. QHS Fully Automatic Beverage Processor
      Using the multi-stage mixing pump with reliable performance and low noise, it allows starting and stopping to be controlled by a floating ball liquid level controller.
    1. QHS Single Tank Beverage Processor
    2. QHS Single Tank Beverage Processor
      The drink mixer comes with high accuracy and easy to adjust mixing proportion. It ensures easy adjustment of the output and the proportion of syrup and water without having to change parts.
    1. Ultra-High Temperature Flash Sterilizer
    2. Ultra-High Temperature Flash Sterilizer
      The ultra-high temperature flash sterilizer is designed to quickly perform sterilization on fluid materials such as fresh milk, fruit juice, wine and other beverages.
    1. Tubular Pasteurizer
    2. Tubular Pasteurizer
      The tubular pasteurizer is a tube sterilizer that is used for one-time sterilization on milk, fruit juice and other beverages and fluids. Equipment like this is necessary to make sure that your beverages are safe for consumption. The unit can be used in combination with other techniques for heating sterilization and beverage preservation.
    1. Plate Pasteurizer
    2. Plate Pasteurizer
      The plate pasteurizer is designed for pasteurization and total high temperature sterilization of liquid materials such as milk, fruit juice, tea and other beverages.
    1. High Pressure Homogenizer
    2. High Pressure Homogenizer
      The high pressure homogenizer is a mixing pump that is used to homogenize liquids with suspended materials in order to form uniform, high-pressured sprays. It is widely used for milk production and other beverage processing, along with pharmaceutical applications. When the material liquid is homogenized under high pressure, the liquid delamination can be prevented or reduced while the fineness, cleanliness and inner quality can be improved.
    1. Vacuum Deaerator
    2. Vacuum Deaerator
      The vacuum deaerator is a vital piece of equipment in fruit juice production lines. It is mainly used for deaerating homogenized juice under vacuum conditions in order to prevent juice oxidation, greatly extending the shelf-life of the beverages.
    1. Mixing Tank
    2. Mixing Tank
      This mixing tank is a versatile mixing solutions applied to the beverage processing industry. It can also be used in diary, food, pharmaceutical and chemical processing segments as intermediate buffering, liquid storing and mixing equipment. This blending tank comes with automatic temperature control, heat preservation, quick heat transfer, strong thermal adaptability, ease of cleaning and other advantages.
    1. Sugar Melting Tank
    2. Sugar Melting Tank
      Sugar is the second most common component, after water, for many beverages. The sugar must be dissolved before use in the production of beverages.
    1. Jacketed Tank
    2. Jacketed Tank
      In the beverage pretreatment system, the jacketed tank is commonly used to sterilize the drinks before filling. We utilize an essential stainless steel tank for heating, cooling, heat insulating, sterilizing or storing, this device is widely used in diary, food, pharmaceutical, beverage and other industries. It is especially useful for milk pasteurization and heat preservation, as well as for an ice cream production line.
    1. Semi Automatic CIP System
    2. Semi Automatic CIP System
      The semi-automatic CIP system is designed for cleaning tubes, cans and filling machinerytaht comes in direct contact with working materials. With high temperature and high concentration cleaning agents, the cleaning equipment effectively removes all unwanted materials and microorganisms. It improves product safety and helps maintain operational safety. This type of equipment is a necessity among beverage manufacturers.
    1. Fully Automatic CIP System
    2. Fully Automatic CIP System
      The fully automatic CIP system is used for on the spot cleaning of material tubes and vessel equipment in milk and juice production industries.
    1. Juice Extractor
    2. Juice Extractor
      This series of juice extractor uses a spiral structure that increases in diameter towards its bottom along the slag outlet. The juicer spirals upwards, squeezing the material as the spiral volume decreases. The juice is then collected and can be further processed for other processes like beverage and food production.
    1. Pulper / Finisher
    2. Pulper / Finisher
      The pulper/finisher is equipment applied for removing pulp residue from fruits and vegetables after the food processing /juicing process.
    1. Vertical Colloid Mill
    2. Vertical Colloid Mill
      The vertical colloid mill is designed to perform powerful shearing functions with friction force and high frequency vibration on processed materials through a changeable ring-shaped gaps. The mill can disperse, crush, emulsify and homogenize materials for food and beverage processing.
    1. Blowing-Filling-Capping Combibloc
    2. Blowing-Filling-Capping Combibloc
      JINRONG High-speed Blowing-filling-capping Combibloc combines the blowing system, filling system and capping system in one integrated system, reducing several intermediaries such as transmission, empty bottle handling and storage processes
    1. Rotary Blow Moulder
    2. Based on the needs of our customers, we also offer bottle unscrambling and cleaning systems to make our liquid filling solutions more automated. The system consists of a bottle unscrambler and semi automatic or a fully automatic CIP system.
    1. Ice Tea, Juice Bottle Blow Molding Machine (0.2-2.5L)
    2. Ice Tea, Juice Bottle Blow Molding Machine (0.2-2.5L)
      Performance and advantages
      Advanced microcomputer control system, stable performance
      Automatic feeding of preform;
      Infrared heating lamps, strong penetration, bottle preforms heated while rotation, orbit, uniform heating, fast and reliable
    1. Semi-Automatic Blow Moulding Machine (Single Station, 5-gallon)
    2. Semi-Automatic Blow Moulding Machine (Single Station, 5-gallon)
      Here is our semi automatic blow molding machine. It is designed by Jinrong for producing 5-gallon PET hollow bottles. This PET bottle blowing machine is widely used for making packaging products for food, drugs, cosmetics, pesticides, chemical agents and soft drinks.
    1. Rinsing Filling Capping Machine (for Non-carbonated Drinks)
    2. Rinsing Filling Capping Machine (for Non-carbonated Drinks)
      The rinsing filling capping machine is a three-in-one machine used in the filling application of non carbonated drinks. Fully automated, the rinser filler capper is ideal for filling purified water and mineral water in PET bottles and plastic bottles.
    1. Rinsing Filling Capping Machine (for Carbonated Drinks)
    2. Rinsing Filling Capping Machine (for Carbonated Drinks)
      The rinsing filling capping machine for carbonated drinks is a multifunctional machine used in the production of carbonated beverages. The equipment integrates washing, filling and sealing all in one fully automated piece of machinery. These machines are commonly used for plastic bottle filling for mineral water, purified water and carbonated drinks.
    1. Beer Filling Machine
    2. Beer Filling Machine
      The beer filling machine performs both filling and sealing functions and is almost exclusively designed for beer brewing. With its fully automated production process, the filler capper, fills and seals plastic and glass beer bottles. The equipment can be quickly adjusted for different bottle types.
    1. Rinsing Filling Capping Machine (for Juice and Tea)
    2. Rinsing Filling Capping Machine (for Juice and Tea)
      The rinsing filling capping machine for juice and tea is designed for beverage filling suitable for numerous juice and tea types. With integrated washing, filling and sealing functions, the machine is highly efficient. It features a temperature control device for heat filling drinks.
    1. Rinsing Filling Capping Machine (for Wine and Sauce)
    2. Rinsing Filling Capping Machine (for Wine and Sauce)
      The rinsing filling capping machine for wine and sauce integrates washing, filling and sealing functions for fully automated production processes in wine and sauce making. The filler capper is suitable for glass bottles and aluminum filling of wine, grape juice and sauces.
    1. Filling and Capping Machine (for Cans)
    2. Filling and Capping Machine (for Cans)
      The filling and capping machine for cans is a high speed can sealer that uses one pressure head with one primary roll and a secondary roll to realize double sealing. This makes the operation more adjustable. The drive power of the filling machine is fully adjustable and adaptable depending on the type of can and output requirements.
    1. Linear Rinser Filler Capper Line
    2. Linear Rinser Filler Capper Line
      This linear rinser filler capper line integrates washing, filling and sealing, suitable for PET plastic bottle and glass bottle filling. Adopting negative pressure filling, it is suitable for the filling of sauce, vinegar and wine. It is ideal equipment for beverage manufacturers.
    1. 3/5 Gallon Bottling Line
    2. 3/5 Gallon Bottling Line
      The 3/5 gallon bottling line is specially designed to provide an integral bottling solution for 3 gallon and 5 gallon barrel water. The entire bottling system integrates the functions of bottle washing, filling and capping. It is ideal for bottling of mineral water, distilled water and purified water.
    1. Automatic Decapper
    2. Automatic Decapper
      Here you will find the most practical automatic decapper specially designed by Jinrong to vast customers’ needs. It is an essential part for our 3/5 gallon bottling line. The decapping machine is characterized by simple structure, excellent decapping effect, small damage and deformation to the caps and superiority in recycling of caps.
    1. Rotary Brush Prewasher
    2. Rotary Brush Prewasher
      Here’s the rotary brush prewasher, as support equipment for 3 gallon and 5 gallon water bottling plants. It is mainly used to pre-wash the returnable bottles which are dirty, before their entering to the main machine for filling. This water bottling equipment is featured by high automation, easy operation, high working efficiency and compact structure.
    1. Bottle Washer
    2. Bottle Washer
      The ST series fully automatic bottle washer is exclusively designed for 5 gallon bottling system. It is particularly suitable for washing the bottles for mineral water, with capability of effectively eliminating the sediment and algae and other pollutants on the external surface of the bottles.
    1. Air Conveyor (for Gallon Bottle Lifting)
    2. Air Conveyor (for Gallon Bottle Lifting)
      Jinrong is a prominent manufacturer of water filling machines. Here on this page, we are introducing to you our TTJ automatic air conveyor for gallon bottle lifting. It is specially designed to handle the simple but laboursome bagging of filled and capped bottles. This gallon bottle conveyor features simple structure, ease of use, high working efficiency and other advantages. It is one of the indispensable equipment for the 3/5 gallon water bottling plant.
    1. Gallon Bottle Stacking Machine
    2. Gallon Bottle Stacking Machine
      The gallon bottle stacking machine is usually equipped at the rear part of 3 or 5 gallon bottling line. It is used to automatically stack the packaged bottles on wood or plastic pallets. The bottle stacker carries out multi-layer of stacking and then moves them out for convenient handling to the warehouse by forklift.
    1. Shrink Wrapping Machine (for Gallon Bottle)
    2. Shrink Wrapping Machine (for Gallon Bottle)
      The shrink wrapping machine is used in the gallon bottle filling system to wrap filled gallon bottles. With continuously adjustable temperature, it is suitable for multiple heat shrink films. In addition, it is suitable for gallon bottle packaging in different speeds. Using high thermal conductivity materials, the stretch wrap machine enables excellent thermal insulation property and low energy loss.
    1. Decapping and Brushing Machine
    2. Decapping and Brushing Machine
      Our TN series gallon bottle decapping and brushing machine was developed in-house by Jinrong. It is an extremely effective bottle decapper and brusher with reliable performance. It is the perfect solution for mineral water and purified water manufacturing plants. Our wear and corrosion resistant water bottling equipment features: stainless steel frame, drive system, pneumatic decapping device, electrical control system, water tank spraying device, etc.
    1. Bottle Conveyor System
    2. Bottle Conveyor System
      This bottle conveyor system is specially designed to convey the filled bottles to the packaging line, so as to make the packaging, labeling and other processes in the system smoother, with a higher automation level and lower labor input.
    1. Bottle Dryer
    2. Bottle Dryer
      In a bottle packaging system, a bottle dryer is often used to dry bottles for perfect labeling, code spraying and packaging. The bottle drying equipment is a commonly used support device in beverage packaging machinery industry. It applies strong air produced by a vortex air pump to blow away the water on the bottle exterior wall and cap.
    1. Bottle Warmer
    2. Bottle Warmer
      The bottle warmer is designed for carbonated drink production line. It is used to eliminate the condensed water caused by aseptic cold filling on the exterior wall of PET bottles or glass bottles. This makes it convenient for coding, labeling, encasing and other processes.
    1. Sterilization and Cooling Tunnel
    2. Sterilization and Cooling Tunnel
      Jinrong is a great source for bottling machinery. The sterilization and cooling tunnel from Jinrong is specially designed and manufactured for non-carbonated drinks bottling lines. It is also called tunnel pasteurizer and can take full advantage of the thermal balance principle, ensuring extremely low energy consumption.
    1. Bottle Inverter / Cap Sterilizer
    2. Bottle Inverter / Cap Sterilizer
      The bottle inverter and cap sterilizer is mainly used after the tea and juice has been hot filled into bottles and capped to sterilize the neck and cap area that is hard to be reached by high temperature drinks.
    1. Fully Automatic Wet Glue Labeler
    2. Fully Automatic Wet Glue Labeler
      The bottle inverter machine for cap sterilization employs advanced drive chain that ensures high stability and reliability, no damage to the bottle, and continuously adjustable speed.
    1. Shrink Sleeve Labeler
    2. Shrink Sleeve Labeler
      The shrink sleeve labeler adopts a stainless steel and aluminum alloy structure that is conveniently adjusted depending on the labeling operation.
    1. Inkjet Printer
    2. Inkjet Printer
      Perfectly combining the reliability of gear pump and the wear resistance of diaphragm pump, this inkjet printer comes with unrivalled stability and cost efficiency.
    1. Fully Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine
    2. Fully Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine
      Here at Jinrong, you will find a high quality and cost effective fully automatic shrink wrapping machine which is an ideal packaging solution specially developed for mineral water, fruit juice, wine, beer and infusion bottles.
    1. Shrink Wrapping Machine
    2. Shrink Wrapping Machine
      The JR-250A shrink wrapping machine adopts a transducer speed adjustment system with a two-stage bottle conveying device. The machine heats the shrink wrap film and then cools the wrapper to hold it in place.
    1. Case Packer
    2. Case Packer
      On the inlet conveyor platform of the case packer, cylindrical containers will be separated by separator and pneumatic vibrating rail into multiple lines. The containers with special shapes that are transported into the case packing machine in single line will be divided into multiple lines by split gate.
    1. Pallet Wrapper
    2. Pallet Wrapper
      It can reduce loading cost, improves production efficiency and avoids goods damage during handling. It also provides dust proof, moisture proof and clean keeping functions.
    1. Robotic Palletizer
    2. Robotic Palletizer
      Our robotic palletizer is built to offer an efficient and high flexibility post packaging solutions. According to required grouping modes and layers, the palletizing equipment can palletize various types of products.
    1. Gantry Palletizer
    2. Gantry Palletizer
      Modern distribution system usually involves pallets and palletized loads. To improve handling efficiency and reduce labor cost and, a gantry palletizer is often used in the system to stack goods on pallets. Our gantry palletizing machine provides automatic palletization of cases, bags, pails and drums from one or more packaging lines. The gantry palletizing system also features a modular design which allows for easy upgrades when future needs require additional speed, patterns or options.

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