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Water Treatment System

Applications of Our Water Treatment System
1. Water purification for food and beverage production, including purified drinking water, juice, beer, wine, healthcare drinks, etc.
2. Brackish water and sea water desalination.
3. Water treatment for the electronics industry, such as treating the water used to wash PCBs, silicon wafers, display tubes, and other electronic components.
4. Boiler feedwater pre-desalination for power and mining industries.
5. Water treatment for pharmaceutical industry, involving water used for LVP solutions, injections, troches, biochemical products, sterile water, etc.
6. Concentration of water solution during industrial production to recycle useful substances in it.

    1. 1-100t/h Water Treatment System
    2. 1-100t/h Water Treatment System
      Quartz Sand Filter: A sealed container with a built-in sand filter. The untreated liquid is only allowed to pass through the filter stick to achieve clarification, removing large particles. It is applicable in the petroleum industry, pharmacy industry, beverage industry, etc., it is ideal equipment to perform the first step in water purification.
    1. Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter
    2. Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter
      The hollow fiber membrane filter is an asymmetrical, semi-permeable film made from a polymer material. The raw liquid flows through the film under pressure, filtering particles suspended in the liquid. The filtered water is then circulated away, leaving concentrated raw liquid behind, which can be disposed of. The hollow fiber membrane filter effectively performs separation, concentration and water purification.
    1. Reverse Osmosis System
    2. Reverse Osmosis System
      Our reverse osmosis system is designed for the desalinization and purification of salt water using a semi-permeable film and a pressure differential effect. This filtration effect operates in the opposite direction of the natural osmosis function, hence the name reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis with higher osmotic pressure can be adopted to achieve the objectives of separation, extraction, purification and concentration.
    1. Ozone Generator (for Water Sterilization)
    2. Ozone Generator (for Water Sterilization)
      As a strong oxidant, the ozone with chemical formula of O3 is an ideal choice for sterilization of mineral water and purified water. Especially, O3 has special effect on handling the biologically poisonous and hard to degrade pollutants in water, thus improving biological activity.
    1. UV Sterilizer
    2. UV Sterilizer
      The sterilizer drum is constructed from stainless steel, which has a high reflection rate of the UV light and produces no contaminated byproducts. This makes the equipment suitable for sanitation application for food purposes. Inside the drum are a UV lamp and quartz glass tube. The whole drum is sealed in order to maintain a stable internal pressure. The body has an inlet and outlet, furnished with stainless steel tube joints.
    1. Storage Tank
    2. Storage Tank
      These storage tanks are equipment that adopt food grade stainless steel designs. They are corrosion resistant, impact resistant and highly temperature resistant. With their easily cleaned structures, the tanks can be used for filtered water storage and other treated materials.
    1. Ozone Mixing Tower
    2. Ozone Mixing Tower
      The ozone mixing tank is also referred to as an ozone sterilizer and is commonly used in water treatment systems. Its sterilization effect depends on not only the kind of bacteria and ozone content in the water but also the contact time between the ozone and water. Our ozone mixing tanks are made from 304 and 316L stainless steel. It employs titanium plate to distribute the ozone generated.
    1. Titanium Metal Filter
    2. Titanium Metal Filter
      The titanium metal filter from Jinrong is a hollow tube filter made through high temperature sintering of titanium powder. It is widely used for liquid solid separation in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industry applications. In the pharmaceutical industry, the titanium filter is suitable for decarburization of LVP solutions and injections.

At Jinrong, we offer a high quality, cost effective water treatment solutions to meet all your requirements. Our 1-100t/h water treatment system designed to function at optimum performance and minimal cost. It is designed to purify water for many different applications throughout laboratory, healthcare and industrial operations. The complete water purification system consists of a water pretreatment system, hollow fiber membrane system, reverse osmosis system, ozone generator and UV sterilizer.