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Rotary Brush Prewasher

Here’s the rotary brush prewasher, as support equipment for 3 gallon and 5 gallon water bottling plants. It is mainly used to pre-wash the returnable bottles which are dirty, before their entering to the main machine for filling. This water bottling equipment is featured by high automation, easy operation, high working efficiency and compact structure.

Working Principle of the Prewasher
Belt conveyor transports barrels to the position for pre-washing. As the barrel moves to the specific position, air cylinder will precisely position the barrel and pull the brush down into the barrel. Electric motor will rotate the brush and at the same time water is jetted into the barrel. In this case, the inner barrel will be completely washed.

Barrel size: φ263×485mm, φ230×413mm
Power consumption: Max. 1KW
Construction: Gear drive, V belt drive
Dimensions: 1170×1095×2540

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