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Air Conveyor (for Gallon Bottle Lifting)

Jinrong is a prominent manufacturer of water filling machines. Here on this page, we are introducing to you our TTJ automatic air conveyor for gallon bottle lifting. It is specially designed to handle the simple but laboursome bagging of filled and capped bottles. This gallon bottle conveyor features simple structure, ease of use, high working efficiency and other advantages. It is one of the indispensable equipment for the 3/5 gallon water bottling plant.

Working Process
Bottles that have been filled with water and capped move on the conveying system. As moving under the air conveyor, they will be automatically lifted. This is convenient for operators to bag the bottles, thus alleviating labor strength and improving production efficiency.

The machine uses belt to clamp the neck of bottle and lift it. It provides fast lifting and low fault rate. Tension is adjustable to avoid damaging bottle neck.

Specifications of the Air Conveyor
Installed Power: 0.75KW
Dimensions: 1730*450*1190
Net weight: 200KG

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