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Gallon Bottling Equipment

    1. 3/5 Gallon Bottling Line
    2. 3/5 Gallon Bottling Line
      The 3/5 gallon bottling line is specially designed to provide an integral bottling solution for 3 gallon and 5 gallon barrel water. The entire bottling system integrates the functions of bottle washing, filling and capping. It is ideal for bottling of mineral water, distilled water and purified water.
    1. Automatic Decapper
    2. Automatic Decapper
      Here you will find the most practical automatic decapper specially designed by Jinrong to vast customers’ needs. It is an essential part for our 3/5 gallon bottling line. The decapping machine is characterized by simple structure, excellent decapping effect, small damage and deformation to the caps and superiority in recycling of caps.
    1. Rotary Brush Prewasher
    2. Rotary Brush Prewasher
      Here’s the rotary brush prewasher, as support equipment for 3 gallon and 5 gallon water bottling plants. It is mainly used to pre-wash the returnable bottles which are dirty, before their entering to the main machine for filling. This water bottling equipment is featured by high automation, easy operation, high working efficiency and compact structure.
    1. Bottle Washer
    2. Bottle Washer
      The ST series fully automatic bottle washer is exclusively designed for 5 gallon bottling system. It is particularly suitable for washing the bottles for mineral water, with capability of effectively eliminating the sediment and algae and other pollutants on the external surface of the bottles.
    1. Air Conveyor (for Gallon Bottle Lifting)
    2. Air Conveyor (for Gallon Bottle Lifting)
      Jinrong is a prominent manufacturer of water filling machines. Here on this page, we are introducing to you our TTJ automatic air conveyor for gallon bottle lifting. It is specially designed to handle the simple but laboursome bagging of filled and capped bottles. This gallon bottle conveyor features simple structure, ease of use, high working efficiency and other advantages. It is one of the indispensable equipment for the 3/5 gallon water bottling plant.
    1. Gallon Bottle Stacking Machine
    2. Gallon Bottle Stacking Machine
      The gallon bottle stacking machine is usually equipped at the rear part of 3 or 5 gallon bottling line. It is used to automatically stack the packaged bottles on wood or plastic pallets. The bottle stacker carries out multi-layer of stacking and then moves them out for convenient handling to the warehouse by forklift.
    1. Shrink Wrapping Machine (for Gallon Bottle)
    2. Shrink Wrapping Machine (for Gallon Bottle)
      The shrink wrapping machine is used in the gallon bottle filling system to wrap filled gallon bottles. With continuously adjustable temperature, it is suitable for multiple heat shrink films. In addition, it is suitable for gallon bottle packaging in different speeds. Using high thermal conductivity materials, the stretch wrap machine enables excellent thermal insulation property and low energy loss.
    1. Decapping and Brushing Machine
    2. Decapping and Brushing Machine
      Our TN series gallon bottle decapping and brushing machine was developed in-house by Jinrong. It is an extremely effective bottle decapper and brusher with reliable performance. It is the perfect solution for mineral water and purified water manufacturing plants. Our wear and corrosion resistant water bottling equipment features: stainless steel frame, drive system, pneumatic decapping device, electrical control system, water tank spraying device, etc.

Our 5 gallon bottling line consists of a variety of gallon bottling equipment to realize fully automatic barrel water production, integrating empty bottle feeding, pre-washing, automatic decapping, bottle brushing and washing, filling, capping, testing, heat shrink film wrapping, bagging and finished bottle conveying. The whole production process of the bottling machinery is strictly controlled to meet the national sanitary standards and regulations. Thus, secondary pollution is eliminated and aseptic production is achieved

5 Gallon Bottling Line Production Scene