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Ice Tea, Juice Bottle Blow Molding Machine (0.2-2.5L)

Performance and advantages
1. Advanced microcomputer control system, stable performance
2. Automatic feeding of preform;
3. Infrared heating lamps, strong penetration, bottle preforms heated while rotation, orbit, uniform heating, fast and reliable;
4. The width and height of the reflecting plate can be adjusted in the heating area, so as to be suitable for the heating of the bottle blank with different structure and the automatic temperature discharging device to ensure the constant temperature of the drying path;
5. Each mechanical action has a safety locking device, when a process failure, the program will automatically switch to a safe state;
6. Each action is driven by the cylinder, does not use the oil pump, has the advantages of no pollution, low noise, etc.;
7. The gas blowing and action design will be divided into three parts, in order to meet the needs of the different pressure of the blowing, action;
8. By using high pressure and double crank connecting rod, the clamping force is strong;
9. Safe, reliable and unique design of the valve, gas path can be seen clearly;
10. Complete automation of the production process, with the lower investment cost, high efficiency, easy operation, simple maintenance, safety and other advantages.
11. Cooling system to achieve the desired cooling effect
12. Good bottle quality, low energy consumption and low cost.

Technical parameter
Model unit JR20SC JR402SC JR60SC
Cavities PCS 2 4 6
Bottle volume L 0.15-2.5 0.15-2 0.15-1.5
Bottle maximum diameter(mm) mm 125 117 104
Bottle maximum Height(mm) mm 340 330 330
Capacity (500ml,86℃) BPH 1100 2200 3300
Preform separation distance mm 140 127 114.3
Lamp total power / heating power kw 54 92 129.5
Machine total power kw 58 105 136
Compressed air pressure kg /cm2 40 40 40
Compressed air flow m3/min 4.8 8 11.2
Mold heating machine kw 12kw x 2PCS 12kw 1PC 15kw 1PC 12kw 1PC 22.5kw 1PC
Dimension mm 3415x1700x2200 4420x1860x2200 5590x2100x2200
Weight kg 4000 6000 8000
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