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Semi-Automatic Blow Moulding Machine (Single Station, 5-gallon)

Here is our semi automatic blow molding machine. It is designed by Jinrong for producing 5-gallon PET hollow bottles. This PET bottle blowing machine is widely used for making packaging products for food, drugs, cosmetics, pesticides, chemical agents and soft drinks.

Features of the Blow Molding Machine
1. Provided with a micro-computer programming controller, the machine is conveniently operated.
2. The heater is a far infrared ray heating tube. The transmission part of the PET blower adopts a three-phrase motor and is driven by frequency converter.
3. Stretching part of the seal comes with two cylinders both on the left and right. The stretching length can be adjusted continuously. The blowing delay time can be freely adjusted, making for great product molding.
4. The waste gas within the blow molding machine is discharged through a muffler, thus reducing noise.
5. An air reservoir is equipped on the main machine, with addition of high and low pressure reducing valves.

Technical Parameters of the Blow Moulding Machine
Max. volume of molded product (L) 1.5
Production capacity (bottles/h) 1200
Mold opening stroke (≥mm) 130
Allowable mold thickness (mm) 100-180
Stretching stroke (mm) 350
Center distance of bottle mold (mm) 100-230
Working Pressure ( MPa ) 0.8-1.0
Maximum blow molding pressure ( MPa ) 0.8-3.0
Mold clamping force (≥KN) 50
Weight (kg) 450+90
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