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Beer Filling Machine

The beer filling machine performs both filling and sealing functions and is almost exclusively designed for beer brewing. With its fully automated production process, the filler capper, fills and seals plastic and glass beer bottles. The equipment can be quickly adjusted for different bottle types. The PLC control of the beer filling machine is excellent for worry free automatic operation.

Model Selection
JR80-18YPGY 25000B/H Beer Filling Equipment
Filling Workstation 80
Capping Workstation 18
Production Capacity 25,000B/H (500ml)
Machine Power 11kw
JR60-12YPGY 18000B/H Beer Filling Equipment
Filling Workstation 60
Capping Workstation 12
Production Capacity 18000B/H ( 500ml )
Machine Power 7.5kw
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