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Decapping and Brushing Machine

Our TN series gallon bottle decapping and brushing machine was developed in-house by Jinrong. It is an extremely effective bottle decapper and brusher with reliable performance. It is the perfect solution for mineral water and purified water manufacturing plants. Our wear and corrosion resistant water bottling equipment features: stainless steel frame, drive system, pneumatic decapping device, electrical control system, water tank spraying device, etc.

1. The decapping and brushing machine carries out brushing, internal and external washing in the same cycle, thus saving time, labor and energy.
2. Based on specific needs, users can choose cyclical water supply, non cyclical water supply and combined water supply.
3. The gallon bottle washing machine provides outstanding brushing and washing effect.
4. The system is easy to operate. The only thing required to complete the whole decapping and brushing process is to open and close the door.
5. The machine is excellent for separating the caps from the recycled 3 and 5 gallon bottles. Separated caps are just as good as before without wear and deformation, and can be used again after sterilization. This can improve the utilization rate of caps.
6. This decapping and brushing machine is pneumatically driven, ensuring high safety and reliability. Rated air supply pressure is 0.5Mpa/cm2, with air inflow of at least 0.1m3/min. Decapping speed is up to 200~300 caps per hour.

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