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Pretreatment System (for carbonated drink and juice)

    1. QHS Beverage Processor
    2. QHS Beverage Processor
      The machine is a static mixer (carbonizer) that features a large gas liquid mass transfer area. 
      Quick adjustment without parts changing for various materials. 
      Helps prevent wasted carbon dioxide gas. 
      Easy adjustment of gas levels. 
    1. QHS Fully Automatic Beverage Processor
    2. QHS Fully Automatic Beverage Processor
      Using the multi-stage mixing pump with reliable performance and low noise, it allows starting and stopping to be controlled by a floating ball liquid level controller.
    1. QHS Single Tank Beverage Processor
    2. QHS Single Tank Beverage Processor
      The drink mixer comes with high accuracy and easy to adjust mixing proportion. It ensures easy adjustment of the output and the proportion of syrup and water without having to change parts.
    1. Ultra-High Temperature Flash Sterilizer
    2. Ultra-High Temperature Flash Sterilizer
      The ultra-high temperature flash sterilizer is designed to quickly perform sterilization on fluid materials such as fresh milk, fruit juice, wine and other beverages.
    1. Tubular Pasteurizer
    2. Tubular Pasteurizer
      The tubular pasteurizer is a tube sterilizer that is used for one-time sterilization on milk, fruit juice and other beverages and fluids. Equipment like this is necessary to make sure that your beverages are safe for consumption. The unit can be used in combination with other techniques for heating sterilization and beverage preservation.
    1. Plate Pasteurizer
    2. Plate Pasteurizer
      The plate pasteurizer is designed for pasteurization and total high temperature sterilization of liquid materials such as milk, fruit juice, tea and other beverages.
    1. High Pressure Homogenizer
    2. High Pressure Homogenizer
      The high pressure homogenizer is a mixing pump that is used to homogenize liquids with suspended materials in order to form uniform, high-pressured sprays. It is widely used for milk production and other beverage processing, along with pharmaceutical applications. When the material liquid is homogenized under high pressure, the liquid delamination can be prevented or reduced while the fineness, cleanliness and inner quality can be improved.
    1. Vacuum Deaerator
    2. Vacuum Deaerator
      The vacuum deaerator is a vital piece of equipment in fruit juice production lines. It is mainly used for deaerating homogenized juice under vacuum conditions in order to prevent juice oxidation, greatly extending the shelf-life of the beverages.
    1. Mixing Tank
    2. Mixing Tank
      This mixing tank is a versatile mixing solutions applied to the beverage processing industry. It can also be used in diary, food, pharmaceutical and chemical processing segments as intermediate buffering, liquid storing and mixing equipment. This blending tank comes with automatic temperature control, heat preservation, quick heat transfer, strong thermal adaptability, ease of cleaning and other advantages.
    1. Sugar Melting Tank
    2. Sugar Melting Tank
      Sugar is the second most common component, after water, for many beverages. The sugar must be dissolved before use in the production of beverages.
    1. Jacketed Tank
    2. Jacketed Tank
      In the beverage pretreatment system, the jacketed tank is commonly used to sterilize the drinks before filling. We utilize an essential stainless steel tank for heating, cooling, heat insulating, sterilizing or storing, this device is widely used in diary, food, pharmaceutical, beverage and other industries. It is especially useful for milk pasteurization and heat preservation, as well as for an ice cream production line.
    1. Semi Automatic CIP System
    2. Semi Automatic CIP System
      The semi-automatic CIP system is designed for cleaning tubes, cans and filling machinerytaht comes in direct contact with working materials. With high temperature and high concentration cleaning agents, the cleaning equipment effectively removes all unwanted materials and microorganisms. It improves product safety and helps maintain operational safety. This type of equipment is a necessity among beverage manufacturers.
    1. Fully Automatic CIP System
    2. Fully Automatic CIP System
      The fully automatic CIP system is used for on the spot cleaning of material tubes and vessel equipment in milk and juice production industries.
    1. Juice Extractor
    2. Juice Extractor
      This series of juice extractor uses a spiral structure that increases in diameter towards its bottom along the slag outlet. The juicer spirals upwards, squeezing the material as the spiral volume decreases. The juice is then collected and can be further processed for other processes like beverage and food production.
    1. Pulper / Finisher
    2. Pulper / Finisher
      The pulper/finisher is equipment applied for removing pulp residue from fruits and vegetables after the food processing /juicing process.
    1. Vertical Colloid Mill
    2. Vertical Colloid Mill
      The vertical colloid mill is designed to perform powerful shearing functions with friction force and high frequency vibration on processed materials through a changeable ring-shaped gaps. The mill can disperse, crush, emulsify and homogenize materials for food and beverage processing.

After more than 25 years of designing and manufacturing beverage packaging machinery, Jinrong takes pride in supplying a complete pretreatment system for carbonated drinks before filling. All of the equipment in this beverage filling solution including the juice extractor, tubular pasteurizer, vacuum deaerator, etc. features excellent appearance and quality, and employs food hygiene grade pipe and valves, precision control instruments, electronic control components, etc. are manufactured using state of the art technology and components.