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QHS Fully Automatic Beverage Processor

Main Applications
With a capacity up to 1-20t/h, the QHS fully automatic beverage processor is an ideal beverage blending solution applied for carbonation and proportional mixing of various carbonated beverages. It is the main component of the beverage production line, especially for middle-and high grade beverages.

Features of the Beverage Processor
1. The beverage mixer uses an ejector to add CO2 and Venturi ejector to add CO. The ejector can keep constant flow all the time and ensure a consistent flow. It provides large area of gas-liquid mass transfer, small resistance loss, high efficiency, and low energy consumption. Using the multi-stage mixing pump with reliable performance and low noise, it allows starting and stopping to be controlled by a floating ball liquid level controller. This guarantees the performance of the whole machine.

2. Mixing proportion of the beverage mix processor is accurate and easy to adjust. With no need to replace parts, the machine can realize easy adjustment of output and the proportion of syrup and water. After manual proportioning, the beverage water and thin syrup enter the mixing tank. As the water tank and sugar tank are of the same height and pressure, the proportion within the mixing tank remains stable. Before entering the mixing tank, they are fully blended in the mixer. Therefore, the beverage mixing ratio can be ensured.

3. In the degassing tank, under the function of a vacuum pump, the pressure of dissolved gas in water higher than that on the water surface releases 90% O2 from the dissolved water.

4. The beverage processor employs a plate heat exchanger to cool the mixture. As the beverage water and thin syrup enter the mixing tank, they will enter the plate heat exchanger after lifting the pressure by mixing pump. This can fully mix the beverage water and thin syrup. At the same time, they can be cooled by ice water, improving the carbonation effect. Before entry, CO2 can be added for a better blend of sugar, water and gas.
5. This beverage processor makes it convenient to adjust the gas content. According to the requirements of beverage gas content, the adjustment can be done through proper operation.

6. It is designed with an automatic control system, featured by coordinate action, continuous production, and high automation.

7. Fitted with an in-place cleaning system , the fully automatic beverage processor is perfect for CIP cleaning, in compliance with the Food Hygiene Law of the People's Republic of China.

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