Case Packer

On the inlet conveyor platform of the case packer, cylindrical containers will be separated by separator and pneumatic vibrating rail into multiple lines. The containers with special shapes that are transported into the case packing machine in single line will be divided into multiple lines by split gate.

Container Separator:
Driven by two servo motor, the device can separate the containers gently and evenly. To handle unstable containers such as five-claw PET bottles, it uses a transition way between conveying chains. Divided bottles will be pushed out by rod.

Paperboard Inlet:
Paperboards are orderly put on the roller conveyor and will be automatically fed into the elevating type storage unit under the container inlet. Vacuum claw grips a sheet of paperboard from the storage unit and lays it horizontally on the paperboard inlet.

Package Forming Device:
Paperboard conveying, mechanical folding, hot glue spraying and other processes to form a package are automatically completed in the bottle case packer.

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