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Sterilization and Cooling Tunnel

Jinrong is a great source for bottling machinery. The sterilization and cooling tunnel from Jinrong is specially designed and manufactured for non-carbonated drinks bottling lines. It is also called tunnel pasteurizer and can take full advantage of the thermal balance principle, ensuring extremely low energy consumption.

Working Principle
1. Drinks that are not sterilized are filled in bottles and capped. The filled and capped bottles will be transported into the sterilization and cooling tunnel via belt conveyor.
2. In the depyrogenation tunnel, the bottles will go through the areas of different temperatures and sprayed by water of different temperatures.
3. Water that is sprayed on the cold bottles will be cooled, and then used to cool the sterilized bottles that are relatively hot. The water can gradually cool the bottle, thus avoiding taste loss and preventing bottle breaking or deforming.
4. Heating area and cooling area are connected to ideally recycle energy.

Technical Parameters of the Sterilization and Cooling Tunnel
Model WB-1 WB-2
Capacity ( b/m) 80-150 250-400
Max. temperature for sterilization ( ℃ ) <100 <100
Linear speed of conveyor belt (mm/min) 110-553 200-1000
Circulation water flow (m3/h) 15 25
Steam pipe pressure ( Mpa ) 0.4 0.4
Dimensions (mm) 12,00 0 x 1914 x 1700 14,000 x 2900 x 1700
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