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Fully Automatic Wet Glue Labeler

Labeler SXT-D-2

The bottle inverter machine for cap sterilization employs advanced drive chain that ensures high stability and reliability, no damage to the bottle, and continuously adjustable speed.

Shell Material of Machine 304# Stainless Steel
Machine & Conveying Belt Motor Taiwan
Machine Frequency Converter Taiwan
Conveying Belt Chain Japan
Pressure Control GermanySICK
Bottle Diameter 30-95
Label Size 50-280*40-150
Production Speed 80-100 bottles/min
Labeler SXT-D-1

Full-automatic high speed labeler for round bottles

Description Available to work independently or connect with a production line
Applicable Bottle Shape Round, Square and Cone Plastic Bottles and Glass Bottles
Alarm Function Alarm for no chromatapes, broken labels, and insufficient labels
Diameter of Bottle Shape φ10-120mm(H) φ20-300mm
Labeling Scope (H) 15-150mm(L) 25-300mm
Inner Diameter of Scroll φ76mm
Outer Diameter of Scroll φ300mm(Maximum)
Labeling Speed 200-400 bottles/min
Accuracy Error ±0.5 (Depended by Bottle Circularity and Verticality)
Voltage 220V50/60HZ 1.2KW
Weight 220KG
Bottle Supply Turnplate 60KG
External Dimensions 1,500*800*1,300mm
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