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Fully Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

Here at Jinrong, you will find a high quality and cost effective fully automatic shrink wrapping machine which is an ideal packaging solution specially developed for mineral water, fruit juice, wine, beer and infusion bottles. The shrink wrapper comes with strong specificity and stable performance. After wrapping, the sealed end is firm and beautiful.

1. The shrink wrapping machine features a unique separate design, comprising an automatic sealer and a double-recycling thermal shrink machine. It can be used as a whole or separately used.
2. The sealing and cutting machine boasts advanced Italian heat sealing cold cutting/heat cutting technology with more stable and reliable sealing quality, fully complying with international quality standard.
3. The heat shrink machine uses an adjustable motor which features different speed regulation methods including frequency conversion, mechanical and electronic voltage adjustment, suitable for the thermal shrink requirements of different packaging materials.
4. The heat shrink tunnel employs double circulating system of hot and cold wind. The heat in the tunnel is evenly-distributed and the outer shell reaches the room temperature. This saves heat energy and ensure thermal shrink effects.
5. The shrink wrapping machine is provided with German PTFE conveying band with advantages of slow heat exchange, less heat carrying and excellent resistance to high temperature, wear and stretch.
6. Each pneumatic part features PLC control that is core control, mechanical synchronous control and mechanical interlocking control. This ensures extremely high safety in using the bottle wrapping machine.
7. It is applicable for various packaging by changing moulds.
8. The whole shrink wrapping machine comes with reasonable structure and stable frame, and it can realize high energy efficiency in a certain scope. It greatly improves production safety and efficiency.

Main Technical Parameters of the Shrink Wrapping Machine
External Dimensions L5050 x W3300 x H2200
External Packaging Dimensions of Machine Main Machine L1180 x W1080 x H2370
Shrink Oven L3890 x W1050 x H2040
Electrical Cabinet L1250 x W780 x H1100
Machine Weight    1.2t
Dimensions of Shrink Oven L3700 x W920 x H1800
Maximum Packaging Size L600 x W400 x H350
Packaging Speed 8-15 packages/min
Conveying Belt Width 920 (adjustable 200)
Power Supply 3-phase 5-wire 380V 20KW
Working Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Machine Power 20kw
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