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Bottle Packaging Equipment

    1. Bottle Conveyor System
    2. Bottle Conveyor System
      This bottle conveyor system is specially designed to convey the filled bottles to the packaging line, so as to make the packaging, labeling and other processes in the system smoother, with a higher automation level and lower labor input.
    1. Bottle Dryer
    2. Bottle Dryer
      In a bottle packaging system, a bottle dryer is often used to dry bottles for perfect labeling, code spraying and packaging. The bottle drying equipment is a commonly used support device in beverage packaging machinery industry. It applies strong air produced by a vortex air pump to blow away the water on the bottle exterior wall and cap.
    1. Bottle Warmer
    2. Bottle Warmer
      The bottle warmer is designed for carbonated drink production line. It is used to eliminate the condensed water caused by aseptic cold filling on the exterior wall of PET bottles or glass bottles. This makes it convenient for coding, labeling, encasing and other processes.
    1. Sterilization and Cooling Tunnel
    2. Sterilization and Cooling Tunnel
      Jinrong is a great source for bottling machinery. The sterilization and cooling tunnel from Jinrong is specially designed and manufactured for non-carbonated drinks bottling lines. It is also called tunnel pasteurizer and can take full advantage of the thermal balance principle, ensuring extremely low energy consumption.
    1. Bottle Inverter / Cap Sterilizer
    2. Bottle Inverter / Cap Sterilizer
      The bottle inverter and cap sterilizer is mainly used after the tea and juice has been hot filled into bottles and capped to sterilize the neck and cap area that is hard to be reached by high temperature drinks.
    1. Fully Automatic Wet Glue Labeler
    2. Fully Automatic Wet Glue Labeler
      The bottle inverter machine for cap sterilization employs advanced drive chain that ensures high stability and reliability, no damage to the bottle, and continuously adjustable speed.
    1. Shrink Sleeve Labeler
    2. Shrink Sleeve Labeler
      The shrink sleeve labeler adopts a stainless steel and aluminum alloy structure that is conveniently adjusted depending on the labeling operation.
    1. Inkjet Printer
    2. Inkjet Printer
      Perfectly combining the reliability of gear pump and the wear resistance of diaphragm pump, this inkjet printer comes with unrivalled stability and cost efficiency.
    1. Fully Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine
    2. Fully Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine
      Here at Jinrong, you will find a high quality and cost effective fully automatic shrink wrapping machine which is an ideal packaging solution specially developed for mineral water, fruit juice, wine, beer and infusion bottles.
    1. Shrink Wrapping Machine
    2. Shrink Wrapping Machine
      The JR-250A shrink wrapping machine adopts a transducer speed adjustment system with a two-stage bottle conveying device. The machine heats the shrink wrap film and then cools the wrapper to hold it in place.
    1. Case Packer
    2. Case Packer
      On the inlet conveyor platform of the case packer, cylindrical containers will be separated by separator and pneumatic vibrating rail into multiple lines. The containers with special shapes that are transported into the case packing machine in single line will be divided into multiple lines by split gate.
    1. Pallet Wrapper
    2. Pallet Wrapper
      It can reduce loading cost, improves production efficiency and avoids goods damage during handling. It also provides dust proof, moisture proof and clean keeping functions.
    1. Robotic Palletizer
    2. Robotic Palletizer
      Our robotic palletizer is built to offer an efficient and high flexibility post packaging solutions. According to required grouping modes and layers, the palletizing equipment can palletize various types of products.
    1. Gantry Palletizer
    2. Gantry Palletizer
      Modern distribution system usually involves pallets and palletized loads. To improve handling efficiency and reduce labor cost and, a gantry palletizer is often used in the system to stack goods on pallets. Our gantry palletizing machine provides automatic palletization of cases, bags, pails and drums from one or more packaging lines. The gantry palletizing system also features a modular design which allows for easy upgrades when future needs require additional speed, patterns or options.

A bottle packaging system is usually used with a bottle filling line to package the finished bottles and barrels of water. At Jinrong, we offer a wide variety of bottle packaging equipment. They are commonly used in beverage, beer, food, chemical and medical industries. Our bottle packaging machine comes with high automation, reliable control, easy adjustment, convenient maintenance, etc.